• Studio floor of 10m by 10m

  • Concrete floor with under floor heating

  • Airconditioning

  • Loading door of 3,65m wide and 4,5m tall

  • Hight and angle adjustable diffusion / reflexion screen of 5m by 6.5m suspended from the ceiling

  • 2x 500 volt 16A power sockets

  • Plenty of power outlets

  • It is possible to place lighting on the mezzanine

  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Large lunch / dining table with room for 10 people.

  • Kitchen countertop of 3,8m

  • Gas stove with 5 burners

  • Dishwasher

  • Full set of tableware and cutlery

  • Various pans and pots

  • Professional kitchen knives

  • Mezzanine with about 30 m² of usable space

  • space for MUA and / or dressing area

  • Up to 2 extra workstations on mezzanine